I started to Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) the feral cats that my elderly neighbor was feeding. I saw them having kittens continuously and knew something had to be done. At that time, I knew nothing about TNR, feral cats, or the life I was about to start. I enlisted the help of animal control to show me what to do. We realized that some of the cats were not going into the traps because they were getting food from another source. I walked around the block and found many more feral cats being fed by another woman. While we were talking about getting her cats TNRed, I met Gracie.

Gracie eagerly ran up to me, meowing, sneezing, and looking for love. She was sick and needed help fast. I took her to the vet and wound up charging everything I had on my credit card to get her better. She had multiple infections and a held tilt due to some neurological condition. Despite her conditions, she never stopped being the sweetest cat in the world. Gracie was with me for exactly two months when she passed away. I was with her in her last moments and owe the start of Meraki to her. She will be remembered forever.