My name is Kim Criniti and it is a mission in my life to rescue animals. My dream is to open the Meraki Animal Sanctuary to rescue homeless, abused, and abandoned dogs, cats, and rabbits. I would also rescue animals that are on the list to be euthanized at shelters so that they have more time to be adopted.

My vision for the sanctuary is to buy a few acres of land and build three houses, one for each species. The houses will be built from shipping containers. Each house will be an open space in which the animals live in a home-like environment. The animals will be able to roam around in their house and live in peace. I will work to find each animal a loving home, but if one cannot be found, they will always have a loving home at the sanctuary.

Please follow me on this journey! We will rely only on donations from loving people like you! Check back for updates on the progress of the sanctuary. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram!